Centennial Anniversary Celebration

Calendar of Events





Tickets for the 2017 Centennial Gala are available beginning on 7-2-17!  Please see Sister Debra Freeman or Sister Jacquie Carr to get your ticket.  All members and friends of the WOMBC are encouraged to attend this momentous event that is being planned for the entire church family.




Centennial Souvenir Video: Attention all WOMBC members.  The CACC is soliciting church activity related pictures for inclusion in the Centennial Souvenir Video.  If you have a favorite picture (or two) from a wedding, birthday celebration, meetings, baby dedications, or any other church related gatherings, please send your pictures to Karin Searles at wombcpics@gmail.com.  If you are not internet active you can bring your pictures to Karen and she will scan and return them.    We also welcome you to submit picture(s) of any WOMBC family members who have transitioned.


TBD - Open


Annual Youth Sunday We will be celebrating our Annual Youth Sunday on 7-16-17.  Our guest speaker will be Minister Steven Jones.  We also have the following youth activities planned for Youth Week 2017:

Monday, 7-10-17: Meet and Greet Monday

Tuesday, 7-11-17: Youth Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, 7-12-17: Hank Elder Oratorical Event

Thursday, 7-13-17: Youth Choir Rehearsal

Friday, 7-14-16:  Movie Night

Saturday, 7-15-17: Children & Youth Banquet

Sunday, 7-16-17: Annual Youth Sunday Wear your best attire (no Jeans!!!)


Single Parent Ministry Sunday Please join us for our first annual Single Parent Ministry Sunday.


Debt Liquidation - Sacrificial Sunday The final assessment toward debt reduction is due.


Church Renovation Celebration Sunday  See Sister Stephanie Mahone for details


Seniors Praise Dance Celebrating our 100 Year Journey See Sister Linda Glover for details


Mortgage Burning Sunday & Picnic All members are encouraged to wear jeans and their

CAC T-Shirts for a special BBQ event following the worship service.  See Sister Jackie Carr to purchase your T-shirt


Centennial Gala


Centennial Celebration Sunday!!!