Music Ministry


"Rise up, O Lord, in all your power.  With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts." Psalm 21:13 (NLT)

The Music Ministry of the West Oakland Missionary Baptist Church (WOMBC) embraces music as an important part of the worship service.  The Church congregation is encouraged to participate in the Worship Experience through the use of hymns, responsive chants, and other familiar songs designed for congregational singing.  At WOMBC, Worship is a unified experience and it takes everyone to fulfill the task.

The Music Ministry at WOMBC works hard to counter the sentiments expressed in the words of Bishop Charles E Blake: 

“Over the past five or six decades, church congregations have gradually delegated singing to specialists and professionals.  Choirs, ensembles, soloists, and skilled musicians have dazzled those attempting to worship by the flamboyancy and intricacy of their rhythms, melodies, and words.

The result has been non-participative worship services, a spectator mentality, and song less people.  Both worshipper and singer have been hypnotized by the music itself rather than the function and purpose of music in valid worship.”

At WOMBC the congregation values the music ministry, yet understands that music in the Church is not to be mistakenly considered greater than, or equal to, the Word of God.

The Music Ministry is always looking for persons who are interested in lifting their voices to the glory of God.  Those aspiring to join one of the choirs are asked to dedicate their time, energy, talents and prayers to this ministry.  Please see the Director of Music for additional information.