Pastor's Care Ministry



The members of the Pastorís Care Ministry of the West Oakland Missionary Baptist Church (WOMBC) serve as caretakers of the Pastor, and assist the Pastor with various aspects of the ministry. The primary goal of the Pastor's Care Ministry is to lead efforts that show appreciation to the Pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance of the Church.


The core responsibilities of the Pastor's Care Ministry include, but are not limited to:


         Leading the overall financial, social, spiritual representation, and support necessary for the Pastorís well-being[.

         Consulting with the Pastor regarding his wardrobe, including, but not limited to clerical regalia.

         Planning celebrations in recognition of the Pastor's birthday, years of service as Pastor, and years of service in ministry.

         Attending to the Pastor's needs so that he may dedicate more time to doing the will of God.


The Pastor's Care Ministry includes an adequate representation of church members.  The only requirements necessary to become a member of the Pastorís Care Ministry are:


         A baptized believer in serving the Lord

         A willing heart

         A mind to work

         A will to assist and support the Pastor


If you believe the Pastor's Care Ministry would be a great fit for you, please see the Ministry Leader for more information.